Sponsors and CROs

Sponsors and CROs


This includes: Study Website, Lead Gen Content, Videos and Graphics Required to Convert a Diverse Population.


Using Artificial Intelligence to Centralize and Filter the Right Leads that Meet the Protocol Criteria for Higher Conversion.


Through Our First-Class Participant Journey Process, we Empower and Retain Participants. They Become Raving Fans.

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Sponsors And CRO's

You deserve fully randomized and engaged participants who can be retained throughout your study.

Elevate recruitment and retention with our end to end solutions


Joint marketing in health and life science Experience.


Our Integrated Platforms Offer Targeted Outreach to Over 2 Million Diverse Communities Monthly within the United States

20 k +

Our Support Has Enabled Small to High-Volume Clinical Trial Sites to Recruit and Convert Thousands of Participants.

The Foundation of Participant Cube

Participant Cube is a clinical trial digital marketing and recruitment organization with a unique advantage: our founding team has extensive experience working with multiple Clinical Trial sites, giving us an in-depth comprehension of the operational difficulties of recruitment and retention. By leveraging AI technology, we can guarantee efficient recruitment and retention while reducing costs and offering fast delivery for Sponsors and CRO’s.

Diversity in your study population is crucial, and Participant Cube makes it possible to achieve this faster than ever before.

Merely having a list of leads is not sufficient, you deserve fully randomized and engaged participants who can be retained throughout your study.

Participant Turnaround Time 100%
Retention Rate 88%

Participant Cube

More Reasons to Work With Us

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Challenges

Clinical Trial Vendors
Our Services Span the Entire Recruitment Process, From Initial Outreach to Site Engagement and Retention Assistance.
timely recruitment
Our Two-Tiered AI Pre-Screening Approach Ensures the Delivery of High-Quality Participants to Clinical Trial Sites.
Recruiting Participants
Our Platforms Provide Access to Participants and Equipped with the Tools to Expand Reach for Your Study.
Cost of clinical trials
Our Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions Address Delays and Enhance Efficiency, Resulting in Reduced Financial Costs and Improved Time-to-Market for Your Study.

Some Of Our Work

We adopt a patient-focused approach in all trials, enabling us to develop customized strategies for promoting clinical trial participation and maintaining patient involvement.